After marriage

Good day, i would like to know, what i need to do after marriage? can i change my t0urist visa in marriage visa? what documents i need? what is better to do, i mean change tourist visa in marriage visa o better take tourist visa? how many day o month i have to wait for have my marriage visa? after i got my marriage visa, can i go outside of philippines for one month and come back? i need got in my country again visa for come back in philippines even i have visa for marriage?
thanks for information.

If you are wanting to leave after marriage best to go one day with your wife return on bb stamp file for 13A that way you have a visa while you wait 13A bb is good for one year no need to go to immigration

thanks, but i think it isn't easy for us, because my wife non have passport and we have a baby born just 3 weeks ago, that non have all document for bring with us and we can't leave he alone.

Ok I understand and if you get married she will have to take a class at DFA in Cebu or Manila to get her stamp.before she can get a passport in her new name


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