Looking to buy in portugal

Hi , I am seriously thinking of buying a property in the Algarve .

Hopefully to buy in the next year , to use for holidays now with a view to retire there  in approx 8 years time . Could anyone please give me advice on taxes  , estate agent fees , and pitfalls to be aware of.

Many thanks


Hi there
My partner and I purchased an apartment in Lagos 18 months ago. We love the Algarve and take advantage of the many low cost airlines flying from the Uk and manage to get out there every month for a few days with longer breaks at easter and summer.
Buying in the Algarve at the moment is a good idea as there is a growing market and our property has increased in value from €180k to €260k. Buying was very easy and less complex than in the UK if you get the right solicitor. Don't try and circumvent the system and follow the local rules you will find the system can be slow but will work. You should allow Between 10 and 15% on top of your purchase price to cover agents fees and taxes and I think we paid about €700 for our solicitor costs. We engaged our solicitor to act on our behalf (power of attorney) and the whole process took 4 weeks.
Hope that helps.
Enjoy your property search

Many thanks for you advice Andrew , much appreciated .

Not a problem we have purchased our car and registered it also have had mobile phones and home phone and broadband and UK TV installed if you need any advice just ask.

Hi Shaun,
I use to live in London for 12years and now i came back to Portimao with my Family to settle last year.
If you would like to buy a property in the Algarve let me know, and i can show you around.

Kind Regards
Joao Jorge

Many thanks for your reply.

Do you have a website?



Hi Joao Jorge,

It would be good to give some good advises on Shaun's questions on the forum as promoting freely your services is not allowed. I would invite you to register yourself in the business directory real estate in Algarve.

Hi Shaun,

You can also have a look at the real estate in Algarve business directory section on the website. You will see a list of contacts to help you find services linked to real estate.

Thank you,
Christine team

Thanks Christine

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