Income tax in Malaysia

Hi all,

I am in Malaysia for almost 1.4 years.I am working as an engineer

I need to fill income tax for the year 2016.

I had received M-form from hasil (income tax dept of Malaysia)  it states flat income tax rate of 28%. I went to LHDN centre at Plaza Rakyat/Pudu to enquire about the which form do i need to submit. The person who gives the token straightway said use BE FORM  for returns then I said him that I received M-form from HASIL he straight way said this is your first year so you need to fill M-form.

but most of website it states that M-form is  for non resident.I have to stay in Malaysia for more than 182 days to become a resident.I have fulfilled the criteria of staying 182 days continuously in Malaysia but still they are considering me as non resident.

Who is the concern person to ask regarding this?

and also please let me know whether I can go and ask any other LHDN centers in Malaysia

Please go to main branches at LHDN Cheras they have kiosks and officers to assist you with filing in your tax returns and declaration there. There is also one main branch at LHDN HQ in Jalan Duta. Personally, I prefer to go to the branch in Menara PGRM Cheras as the officers are there are more helpful and less rash than the one in Jalan Duta.

The address is 12th Flr. Menara PGRM Cheras.

Bring your original passport, EA Form for registration. Go there at 9am and expect a long Q, you might be there the whole day. I was there from 11am and only finished at 4am.


I faced the same in 2015. If you have stayed in 2016 for 182days with max 14days leaving country then u r eligible for BE form else M-form need to be filled. In addition you need to get your residence approval letter. Can contact IT department for that.

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