Car rentals in Guadalajara...what is the over 70 senior surcharge?

Read somewhere that there is a surcharge for car rentals in Mexico for anyone over 70. Does anyone know about this? Can't find anything in the car rental terms and conditions. Thank you.

I booked my rental along with the flight ..... no problem

Good plan. Thanks!

On second thought, I don't think you can book a rental car with a flight for more than 1 months, or at least that's the problem I am running into on the travel sites when combining flight and car. Did you have that problem?

Only had the car for about 2 weeks

Some car rental agencies are noting, starting recently, that there may be a surcharge for people over 70.  It has never been applied in my case.

Deopending on your plans, some thoughts.

Guadalajara is a larger airport with several agencies.

Reserve the car.  If they want to charge you the fee, refuse to rent unless they remove it.
Contact your hotel and see if they can set you up with a known company without the fee in a way you can verify you are being charged a reasonable rate.  I did that through hotels and got a discount at times.

As long as cars are available, switch to another company.  If you're booking by Internet you can compare prices beforehand.

Unless you're traveling a long distance, you might find a combination of taxis and intercity buses more economical and convenient.

If it's an international company with a tioll free number, call.

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