Can anyone get the employment visa in bahrain while working in Oman

My brother is presently working in Muscat and due to the company situation, he tried for a job in bahrain. He got the offer and willing to move to bahrain. Is it possible to get the Employment Visa in Bahrain While he is still holding Oman Employment Visa. Please clarify my doubt. Thank you.


Don't see an issue there, as of now we have not heard any information sharing between GCC countries which will stop one country from issuing a visa to person who already holds a valid visa in another.

Only thing is he will not be able to go back to Oman in future if he does not exit the legal way.


Thank you for your kind reply and advise.

my employment  visa application had a wrong spelling in my name, now when checking online it states that application is on progress, updated and monthly fees paid, health status looks like it has taken a week and some days. is this normal or there is something to worry about.

thhankx in advance

It is normal.

i see there are changes already and will kindly wait patiently

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