Finding an internship in Seoul


I'm Kaya. I'm a french business school student majoring in Digital marketing and e -business.

I would like to get your advices and tips to get an english speaking internship  in Seoul.

Basically I need to realize a 6 month internship to complete my master degree starting from September 2017 till March 2018.

I fell in love with the korean culture and I wanna learn from them to devellop my career path properly.

Back to 2 months ago I researched few Korean companies I had an interest for my intenrship. I got their number, called them and send them my resume and motivation letter. But I still didn't get any replies from them until now.

I also looked up on some of the most famous university in KOREA, SKY universities for their internships page. I found some offers but I haven't got any replies back.

Can you recommend me some companies i can apply to ?
any tips or advices in my research ?

Thank you for your help

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