Any expats in linyi, shandong?


I just arrived in linyi in Shandong province, and I would love to meet new people on the area.

All the best

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Hi Dario,

How is it going for you till now ?

Will you stay for long ?


Hi Bhavna,

Hope all is well with you.
So far I like it.
The only thing I am missing is lack of good friends..... So if you are nearby and like to socialise please let me know..

Have a lovely evening


Hey there

My friend and I arrived in Linyi on Thursday, we are from South Africa. We also have another friend from S.A. and 2 guys that work with us from the States, where are you from?


Hope all is well with you and I hope you have enjoyed your stay so far.
I am since 2 weeks here and I work as a teacher, I come from Wales and have another colleague from UK at the school but I haven't meet him yet, as he was on holidays, but tonight we are going to meet up finally.

Do you work as teachers?

I am looking forward to hearing from you again

Have a lovely day

Hey there

Are you enjoying your stay so far? We have been. A big culture shock of course, but great nevertheless

We all work at teachers here in Linyi.
Have you met any other expats ?


Hi Steph,

I have been already in China so I knew what to expect, however it was all for holidays so it is very different than working in China. But all together so far I love it and I am very happy here.

I haven't seen any other expats yet expect my colleagues , but I am sure there are some around and even once I saw on Facebook a linyi expat group but I haven't heard anything of them.

I love the street food in linyi, have you ever tried it? Do you like Chinese food?

Do you have weekends free or you work on weekends?

Have a lovely evening

:)  Hey there!!

Wow, another Saffa in Linyi, cool beans!

I have a job on Linyi, my husband and I were hired by an English training center there.
Add me on wechat-    KendallMillerCoates

I would love to have a LINYI contact when we arrive (work permit still being organised! but we hope to fly out SOON!)

Kendall Miller Coates

Will be cool to hear what you think of LINYI!!!!!

Enjoy it and have fun!

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