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What are the major online shopping websites or home delivery services in the philippines ? could do. But its much easy to roam around shopping malls if you are in Manila (The Fort, Mandaluyong, greenhills and ayala alabang is a nice place but bit expensive. cheers!

I usually buy from Amazon and ship for free to a forwarding service like  Its a bit more pricey as it uses FedEx or DHL and may have to pay customs. But it still cheaper than buying it (assuming they have it in stock) of certain items.

think it would be easier to answer this if we knew what type of items you are looking for .. theres groupon, pakyaw, pisobid... lots of different online stores.. but.. what are you looking for ? :D .. to buy or sell ?

im doing consultancy in marketing if you need help, and have long experience with this type of sales if thats what youre looking for....
if not.. then.. hehe.. sorry.. i misunderstood :D


I usually buy stuffs from or Just be careful about the sellers always check feedbacks, photos of items, proof of shipments before buying. A lot of scammers nowadays better be safe than sorry :)

For food (fast food aside) try

For delivery of packages from the USA try
They only charge Vat on shipping.  Customs duties are already included in the shipping fee or a surcharge of $40 to $50 in case of laptops or other high value items.

hello there newbie here!
online shopping here in the phils. is getting bigger. you can visit some online shops that can provide you home delivery services here like Galleon ph, etc. wish it could help. :D

Great ideas! I didn't know there were so many options... I've been ordering everything on and paying way too much in shipping ...


If your not in a hurry, manilaforwarders is cheap via sea. More or less a balikbanyan box. Flat rate.

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its good to know these things about buying online in the Phil as its not widely used like in Australia.

just be sure your within Metro when you buy stuff from online for a free delivery... :)

I'd say and They have a more complete product line as well as nationwide shipping.

If you're looking for buy and sell then it's or

Don't expect Amazon type pricing though. Local online shops aren't cheaper than the retail stores.

There is they have groceries, electronics,cakes and flowers, appliances and motorcycles. They do have free deliveries Nationwide and also pick-up locations all over Philippines so you don't need to pay for shipping. :-) Hope this helps... mainly sells products not available in the Philippines. Prices are inclusive of everything already. Worth checking out

Try, they sell fashionable products for women and men. And if you buy P2000 worth of products, the delivery is free. Yeey!

most of the big online stores are ok i use lazada a bit they deliver with LBC any where in PH. to your door, plus they accept returns the paper work comes with your order

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