Police Clearance certificate

Hi there can anyone from Malaysia advise or guide  me how
One of the required documents is a Police Clearance certificate or in the case of Malaysia, a certificateOf good conduct  I have is this good enough.
The lawyer in Portugal is asking for the Certificate to be legalised and as we do not have an embassy here in K.L, kindly guide me on how this is to be done.
Thank you will really appreciate
If some can advise & guide me
Thank you

Since Malaysia is not an apostille country, you will need to read the article below for the procedure on how to authenticate the document:

https://malaysiannotarypublic.wordpress … apostille/

I had to do the same procedure with my birth certificate from the Philippines to get married in Portugal, because the Philippines is not an apostille country, either. The closest Portuguese embassy is in Indonesia, and I expect that to be the same for you. If it helps, my path to authenticating that document is outlined in a post on my website. It's quite long, but you can skip right through to the part about authentication:

Hi there Thank you so much for your information really appreciate thanks once again

have u got all ur documents done? do we need to notarize the so called certificate of good conduct?  who issue and notarize the certificate?
is it foreign ministry?

tqvm for your help.

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