Looking for Filipino Orthodentist in Bahrain

Hi Everyone!

I'm new here in Bahrain,
And I'm looking for filipino ortho dentist please advise... 
Any recommendations?? 

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum

Sorry Rakz but I'm affraid your requierement is a bit too specific for me !
As nobody replied to you so far, I suggest that you have a look on those sites :

If you look for a dentist there, maybe with the nale you will be able to select a Filipino one :D
Hope this will help...

Have a nice day


Thanks for the reply...

Well luckily I found one already and just done my teeth adjustment yesterday:)

Just in case someone out there searching for good ortho/dentist I suggest to visit this hospital.

Ibn Al Nafees Hospital
3/F Tel. 17828205
Look for Dra. Fe Mallonga


Where is the location of nafees hospital??
Im just new here. Tnx

Hello Maryrobert,

Welcome on board  :)

This thread has been inactive since 2011. You might not get a reply. Better you browse the hospital's website :

Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital CO. B.S.C (C)
P.O.Box: 54533, Manama- Kingdom of Bahrain.Bldg: 63, Road 3302, Manama:333

All the best,


remember google is always there for you.


Maryrobert :

Where is the location of nafees hospital??
Im just new here. Tnx

Its in an area called Zinj. Quite a popular hospital, so most people know it.

The map shown by logicalIndian above will also. help.

Let us know if you need assistance.

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