I work in creative team from Belarus and Russia. 4 months ago we came to Chile to realize our projects.
In general we have 2 main directions:
1. child education (The Academy for Children "Intelecto y Alma");
2. choreography (Non-stop Show-group - small project; Show-Ballet - big project).
The first part (child education) is realizing - we started the educational process in the Academy in October (2014) and have several students.
The second is in the process of realization (we just started castings and will continue till March 2015).

1. How is it possible to get support from privat organizations and government?
I tried to connect with the Corporacion Educacion y Salud (of Las Condes and Providencia) but didn't get information and even back latter.. We know that our educational project has really great impact and value because the author of the programs developed it 10 years.
I know that in Chile exist lots of project of support (in particular in education), but I have some difficulties to find the real one! More that sure that you are able to "organize" my ideas in this way and give some links.

2. In  Art (Show-Ballet) we want to take part in this program - … NCA-RM.pdf
Will it really help or it just has more requirements for the project after support (copyright disclaimer, etc.) than results?
Plus, it will be perfect if you give some links (in particular if you took part in one of them or have experience).

Thank you! Grasias! Спасибо!

Will waiting for information!
With the best wishes


Hi Anna,

Thank you for your participation here. :)

I would like to ask you to avoid duplicate post on the forum. I have removed your other similar topics and leave this one here.

Hope you get soon some information.
All the best,

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