Might flee European debts..

Hello, after a series of terrible events, I might need to move back to the US, and flee my  French debts.
I got mixed up in an investment scam, bought an overpriced home, and rather than let the bank seize and auction it off, I sold it for us as much as I could to lessen my remaining debt on the mortgage to about 100K. 
An important side note - A French foreclosure is not like in the US - you continue to pay the French loan for life, so it wasn't in my interest to foreclose. The remaining debt would have been much more after auction price.
I simply cannot continue these payments.  What will happen if I go back to the US and stop all payments? 
My thought process is even if they sell the debt to American creditors, I stand a chance of negotiating with American creditors, whereas in France - there is no negotiation... (My lawyer tried to negotiate with the bank before all of this.)
I doubt they could seize my American assets but if anyone has some stories to share, I would love to hear them.  A real nightmare for me.

It sounds like you need to talk to an American lawyer who deals with international laws regarding financial matters.  This sounds pretty serious and I wouldn't risk taking any layman's advice!

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