Property prices in Uganda

Hello everyone,

Finding affordable housing in Uganda is number one priority for newcomers. Tell us more about the estate market in your district/city/region.

What are the most desired places to live? What are the most affordable ones? What is the average cost of a rented flat? And what is the average sale price for an appartment or a house? Could you tell us more about local real estate policies/procedures? What about property tax or residency tax in Uganda?

What about you? Where do you live now? Is it a place you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for your clarifications.


Hi Priscilla, I live and work in Kampala, Uganda. Well for tbe property prices may range from as low as $600 to way over $20000 depending on what you want to buy I take it you're speaking in real estate terms I guess. But if you go through agents that are trustworthy, you could get yourself a good deal. I live in the suburban area called Kalelwe where rental apartments range from $100 to $300 with some good quality social amenities to easen you stay while here. Yes there's property tax imposed on a physical structure one owns. All in all, you would have a fair deal, you might try providing me with the specifics and I will ask around for you if that helps.

Kanye sends regards

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