Hi all frae me..

I'm a Scots spoken word artist, poet and author with 28 years writing and publishing experience, I've been in the Philippines since April this year, though been visiting since 2011.

I was recently married to a wonderful wee girl here, now I'm looking to, if possible share my passion for the spoken word. I've a few short videos if anyone requires rare entertainment for all social and business events. I'll be wearing highland dress, yes in this heat to add to the effects.
Other than that life here is different, barking dogs, heat etc, but! It's life here, most locals are respectful as I'm always to everyone. I enjoy my three mile round trip walk each day to the local market where fresh produce is far less expensive than that of the mall.

One thing I can't find is decent fresh meat, really not good here though times it's ok, if anyone kens where I can buy in Urdaneta gies a shout, plus be good to meet fellow ex pats if possible.

Gies a shout, you'll be enthralled and want more

Thanks tae a'

Link to the vids, please.
You aren't supposed to advertise on the open forums but this is unusual and could be of a lot of interest.
I'm unsure how the locals will take to a man in a skirt.

Hi Fred, appreciate the criteria, I'll get links soon as thank you

Skirt Ach no.. at ma wedding folk enjoyed and lots o selfies   As wi other Scots and nationalities o course, I'm proud to be an ambassador for my country

Best regards

Think the most expeditious way would be to e mail if that's acceptable

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