Registering marriage in Gran Canaria

Hi everyone!

I am new to the forum and have a quick question on something I am struggling to find information on.

Does anyone know what is the time limit for registering your marriage (religious/Catholic) at the registro civil after the wedding?

The trouble is our priest is not always present at the church and can be very difficult to contact/meet up with, he seems really relaxed about it and to be honest, is very unhelpful and vague whenever we ask about the formalities. I have a feeling there is a time cap on when you need to do it by. He is in his office on Fridays but we marry on a Saturday, so to go the next Friday would be almost a week after the wedding before we have everything to go to the registry office. We are very worried we will be late. Does anyone have any info just to put our minds at rest?
Thank you in advance

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