Apartment Rental - "Good Neighborhood" in Liege

Hello All,

My name is Joe, I am coming to Liege on a temporary work assignment (6 months?)  I am looking for a good / safe neighborhood so I can search for some apartments.  (Corporate will set up)
Just trying to get some feedback from someone  already there.  So, I am looking for the European Experience!  Love the outdoors, art and sports.  Looking for someplace where I can walk out to get food and enjoy the local cafe and pub's and sites.   If there are any such locations please let me know..

Appreciate any feedback. 
Thank you.

Welcome in my city,

There are only two neighborhoods you should avoid: Droixhe and Thier à Liège

For the rest, as everywhere, downtown, you will find everything...

https://theculturetrip.com/europe/belgi … -in-liege/


And in addition you will be less than an hour from the city of Maastricht in Holland and the city of Cologne in Germany.

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