Looking for international migrant to assist in UM Masters Course

Hi there,

I'm Kay, I'm a Scottish student studying at the UM for a Masters in Globalisation and Development.

As part of my course I'm looking to conduct an interview with international migrants from countries in the Global South and ask them about their experiences of maintaining links with families back home.

It would be an interview lasting between 30 - 50 mins. I would take you for a hot beverage and cake at a cafe in town. The discussion would not only be very interesting for me to get to know you but would be very useful for my course. If there's anyone out there who'd be willing to help a student out, please get in contact!

Many thanks and kind regards,

Kay Li

Hi Kay Li,

Welcome to  :)

I suggest you to post your advert in the Looking for testimonies in Maastricht section of the website to increase its visibility and help spread the word.

Thank you


Which country are you looking for specifically? South Asia? I try to help you after hearing your specific need.


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