Stop being self-employed in Malta (and leaving)

Hey there.

I'm in Belize but I would like to move to Malta. Can you give me anything on how to stop being self-employed (in Malta) ? I plan to stay (in Malta) for 2-3 years and then leave which could be very time sensitive. I know this may be far stretched but I'm a businessman and I need to plan certain things in advance. I understand that after being there for a while I would most likely know where and to whom to tell that I'm leaving but I would like to hear someone with a real experience in this process. For example when I was living in Czech Republic (good tax policy, yey) it was a pain in the ass to sign out from Healthcare payments (which still took 4 months) when I moved out. On the other hand in the UK it was a painless and fast experience. Also I'm an EU national.

Have a nice day guys.

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