Hello .....I am visiting Copenhagen from Tuesday for a brief visit.....can you please advise me if it is a safe place especially around the city centre?

I am staying in Colbjornsongade near the railway station.

I would appreciate information please as unfortunately a couple of years ago while I was in Brussels I was attacked by someone with a knife and ended up in hospital. 
This incident has made me a bit apprehensive as I am travelling alone but I dont want a mugger to stop me from travelling and enjoying different countries and meeting people of many Nationalities.
Also if anyone from  male or female of any Nationality fancies a coffee/beer to exchange views /friendship .....dont hesitate to send me a note....thank you!
All replies welcome....
Thanks Jimmy ☺

Hi Jimmy

In the whole, Copenhagen is safe. Don't worry, but enjoy your stay.

However, I would avoid Indre Nørrebro in the evenings because of some immigrant gangs who fight each others, but I shalln't say how big the problem is. It is some time ago that I have read about it in the papers.

I found this warning against pocket thieves. Even if the warning is from 2013, I fancy that it is still up to date with the exception of the Christiania paragraph. Former Christiania didn't allow photographing as the pushers along the Pusher Street for good reasons didn't want to be photographed, but in September, the police and the Christianits have expelled the pushers. However, I wouldn't personally tempt fate.

Actually, they are thief tourists, brought here by busses for a three week stay before going back. Every week, new tourists arrive. It is so organised that the busses run on a fixed schedule. Also be aware of false police officers. A Danish police officer will never approach you. Never give money to the beggars. No Danes need to beg, and the ones who do come by the same busses as the thieves.

Evenings may be long for a tourist. I would suggest to you that you visited the International Student House in a walking distance from you hotel. People here should be open, and there is always something going on. Despite the name, the place is open also for other people. A few arrangements is reserved for students with a student card.

How long is a brief stay? and are you going to see something special?

Thank you for your great is very much appreciated I will be careful....I arrive on Tues 1st. November late afternoon and have the evening free then the whole of Wednesday 2nd daytime free then I will go to see FK Copenhagen v Leicester City in the evening ko 20.45. I then leave in the morning on Thursday for my flight back to London.
The last time I went to Copenhagen my mother broke her hip and ended up in Copenhagen hospital before flying back to the UK.
I hope my visit is without incident this time as I am travelling alone....therefore I very appreciate your advise.
Hope you have a nice weekend.

Hi Jimmy,

You'll stay smack in the center of the Red Light district of Copenhagen with prostitutes and drug addicts, but also with a lot of hotels and hostels close to the Central Station.

Copenhagen is as safe as they come. I live a few hundred metres from where you are staying and have been living in that neighbourhood since 2007 and never been in any trouble.

I hope you an awesome stay and a wonderful football match.


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