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Hi all, I'm coming to PP in November and I'm looking to rent an apartment for 5-6 months. Though I'm doing quite a bit of research, I'd really appreciate some feedback on a few issues.
A good reliable agent with no rip offs. I have heard it's best to do your own arrangements.
Any "no go" areas for any reason.
Any information is much appreciated.

Hello Chris :cheers:

To have an idea of rental prices, you could check out this section below :

> Housing in Phnom Penh

You could contact posters directly there to negociate your rent.

To have the help of professionals, please check out our business directory :

> Real estate in Phnom Penh


there's no agency rid off clients but somehow happens that i don't know here  , basically their duty to guide you around to see home that's on your budget stay , everyone mush reliable and been trust in realtor industry , good to working thru local realtor because they have so many property to show you and you can choose that you like the most , and you also can deal with landlord while you visiting property , that's all my sharing you .
Good luck to find home in here ,

The real estate agents get one month rent for the fee.  Or you can hire a tuktuk, go around the area where you want to live, look for "rent" sign, and talk to the staff in the management office directly.  You can negotiate a lower rent this way.

@ netexpat

Don't think it's worked finely to hired a Tuk Tuk around , however price is stabdard such reality agency dealing too..what's you win from discount ?? Or lower rent ? How Tuk Tuk know area of property ?how much you going to spend for tuktuk ? It's a good idea but he is the First time here  imagine ... How to get his budget rent ? Lol... Let's it be ...


I don't think you understand my post completely.

This is what I did to find my apartment.  I hired a tuktuk for half a day ($10 to $20 depending on the area and your negotiation skill).  If you use a motor instead of a tuktuk, $10 should be more than enough.  I asked the driver to drive through ONE area where you want to live (eg. BKK1, BKK2, TPP, etc.) street by street.  When I saw a "Rent" sign in front an apartment building, I went in to the management office and asked them for the available apartments and rents.  I checked out the apartments.  After I decided on the apartment that I liked, I asked the managemennt for a lower rent because I came directly and did not go not through an agent.  So I got a lower rent:-) 

When you go to an agent, he/she will provide you a list of apartments that match your criteria.  You still need to physically check out each apartment that you are interested in - check out the condition of the apartment and its surrounding.  Basically, I was my own agent.  I was doing the work to locate the available apartments; this took time. The commission that would go to an agent to provide that list and schedule an appointment just went to me instead, because I was doing the work myself.   

If you have already decided on an area like I did, then the effort is not too much.  If you don't care where you live and just want a good apartment within a certain price range, then you may need to go to many areas.  In that case, an agent may be helpful.

But f you are going to live in that apartment for many years, the saving from doing the work yourself can be pretty big, because you will be paying a lower rent every month for many years:-)

This is just my analysis and experience.  Yours may vary.

@@ netexpat

You very good skills , hoping you doing fine with it , but to take deep searching as first here would not easy . if I wish to stay 2 or 3 year in Phnom Penh I would rather buy some reasons for saving....
Let's experience it .....I'm agreed with your pointed but not all folk will get your instruction ... anyway ...good to share him above enquiry...

Crispian Knowles at SEAPS is a reasonable agent.

They're on Facebook and web.

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I don't think like your idea. The realtors get one months commission if you stay one year or over. You have your budget, if it over your budget how can you rent the property. Sometime you go direct with tuk tuk, and rent the apartment you take more risk such ask:
1- When you have some problem you can call tuk tuk to help you. And tuk tuk also get commission too.
2-You take long time to fine what you want. Sometimes, The clients don't know what they want too.
3. Not all foreigners ' idea are right.
4-The agents that have license from Ministry of economic and finance, They have the role, they have office. If they do wrong, they can not do it any more. 
If you don't take long time to find the property please tell to the agent as below
1- Know clearly what you want.
2- Tell them the clear price and clear requirement.
3-Trust the agent
Mr. Hay Seanghor

I agree this is my third rental in last two years, I prefer a agent , I still negotiate with the price, one tip if you can afford this!! Bring all money for entire stay, if it's let's say 450 for four months , I always have the entire amount , so I always say I will give you 1500 today , it's hard for them to turn down agent or no agent , the agent does all the paper work ! Way easier with a agent , and I believe safer ! , cam- elephant is listed on this site , I have used three different agents on this site , all three were professional , and I got wonderful service! Sophia scrun , he is the one I used yesterday, he was wonderful! As we're the others on this site.

I think all the renter should go through the agent you know why because agent got license and pay tax to the Government.

Agent better price quaranty ever , assistiong clients to find a placed called home, with services experienced reliable and trust .
All the best to you .

Agent however makes comission off sales/rental. They just need the signature, for the quota everything will and always sound nice. So the price we rent will always be higher then dealing directly with the owner. The agent has a limit of how low he can give you, the owner is someone you personally meet and talk to and has the power to be lenient on special cases. Well its business after all so nothing wrong there. I do believe dealing with the owner him/herself gets us the most out if it. You actually meet who your renting from, know where to get problem fixed directly etc. Just a personal point of view !

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