Your best business development ideas in the Seychelles

Hi everyone,

As a foreign entrepreneur, launching a business in the Seychelles is a fantastic project and an exciting challenge. Some ideas are likely to succeed. Some others are promising but may not work as well as intended.

In your opinion, what kind of business or industry is likely to succeed in the Seychelles? What kind of industry or service currently unavailable or underdeveloped in the country would meet local needs?

On the other hand, what are the most common business types foreign entrepreneurs would be eager to launch in the country but with very little chance of success?

Thank you for your insights.

I would like to know as well.

I wish to emigrate there and work as a self-employed person, but the available information is pretty much unexistent. For instance, I wish to open a bar with a latin atmosphere, but i wish to rent one, where do I find adds about bars available for rent ?

I think there's much market space to be developed in Seychelles now, as for which is easy to be successful, it's hard to say, but I think we can try in two fields, one is specific service , the other is to provide specific commodities. such as emergent service for car maitenance(trailer, emergency repair ), and special goods supermarket, such as Chinese supermarket. Anyway, you should make a good market survey and then to gain exact ideas what we can do.


I have just received an email from the Seychelles investment board telling me that as a foreigner i cannot operate a bar, it needs to be a restaurant AND a bar :(

Other than that, I do agree on specific / niche services. I was thinking on opening a takeout service, act as an intermediary between restaurants and people at work or at home. Offer delivery services. Hopefully this one will not be shot down as well.

Question, is there a phone book ou reliable yellow pages website about the seychelles ?

You can try to cooperate with local investors to establish a bar business, of cource, you have to sign a clear and legal agreement to aviod any potential risks in the future.

yeah but there is the issue of trust first, how do you know that your associate will act in good faith.

Also, there is the fact that with a business associate, you do not have the same amount of control over your concept / project, and I really have a clear idea of what i want.

Yes, You're right. the point is that who you choose to cooperate. Although for foreign investors there's some limitation for percentage of share, you can do only if you can benifit from the business.

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