Cost of living in Brazil

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I know it varies from a place to another and from someone to other, but how much is the average cost of living in Brazil?
How much is the average salaries for locals?
How much do you need to earn to live in a good condition?

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going up by the day, its not that cheep here anymore,
Iam lucky, i have a little land, so i can grow stuff, and the good think about where i live, things seam to grow all year long, even the weeds,
we bought a mower, " a cow", it eats most things, and then we eat that, cleaver thinking. on my brazilians wife part, she eats more than the cow, shes always eating something shes found on the road side
thats given me an idear,,, maybe i should eat her,

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@El Hasan, any inputs on the few questions asked by Mohamed.Omar1? It will be most appreciated if you could share your experience.


Are you kidding?  Meat is one of the cheaper things there, at least compared to the U.S.  kkkk
I bought meat for a Mother's Day churrasco, several kilos, and it was less than $50.  I was amazed.

Well yeah, if you are thinking in terms of the US dollar it is cheap. But when you plan on living here a long time, you need to start thinking like a Brazilian. When I first moved here I bought R$600 worth of meat to fill my didn't. That's a lot of money to a Brazilian. That's 3 nights of heavy partying. I think it's expensive here in Reals. If the USD goes back to 1 equals 1.6 I'm out of here.

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The average salary here is R$1200-1500. But it depends upon your qualification and profession as well as professional experience. Foreign professional qualification needs to be revalidated bureaucratically here to find a good and professional job.
You can live here  and pass a good life if you have a job, but saving  alot is really difficult.

Brazil is one of the expensive countries as well. If you are paying rent of house, it really gets difficult alone. If you have your own house, you can save  a little bit.

If you have a business Brazil may be a paradise.

El Hasan

These are some of the monthly salaries that I'm personally aware of:

All salaries are before taxes.

Manager at a multinational conglomerate who has been with the company over 10 years R$18.000

Coordinator at the same multinational conglomerate who has been with the company 6 or 7 years R$11.000

Engineer (starting salary) at the same multinational conglomerate R$5.000

Professor (with a PhD) at University of São Paulo's School of Animal Husbandry and Food Engineeing who has been teaching 3 years R$10.000

Program administrator at a private American school who has been with the school for 5 years R$ 6.000

Depends on where you are, but Generally you need to earn R$5000 per month for a couple to just scrape by on a modest existence in the smaller cities of Sao Paulo
eg two bedroom apartment, car older than 15 years, internet, phone and been able to treat yourself to the odd restaurant at night budgeting grocceries

Kids, car Payments , travel etc you can forget about it on that kind of money

Anything over R$6000 you can start to be a bit more comfortable as a couple or single person but it's still not much and you will struggle to survive on that in Rio or SaoPaulo

R$10 000 is getting a little better but you still have to budget

I know Managers here who have been working about 20 years and earn +- R$12 000 - 15 000 per month in fields like automotive engineering and marketing

A  good private English teacher should be able to make R$7000 - in the main cities of Sao Paulo state but it takes a lot of work and contacts

I believe the minim wage is R$800 a mouth, what's R$40 a day
based on working 20 days a mouth,
but some Brazilians work 24 days a mouth what's works out to R$33.33 a day
there's not Meany westerner's can live on that money

My day to day expense is :

about R$20 for lunch in a cheap restaurant

another R$ 10 - 15 for drinks and snacks (salgado and a coke/beer or something)

Chicken or other meat for dinner for two  -( R$10)
Other food for dinner and breakfast at home  +- R$ 10 - R$20
So simple dinner for 2 cooked at home R$ 30 +-

Drinks at home R$ 4 - R$18

Petrol around the neighbourhood - R$10 - 20 per day

So I spend about +- R$ 70 day to day on a very simple lifestyle in a fairly cheap city in Sao Paulo, sometimes as little as R$40 or R$50.

Add R$30 to R$ 60 bucks to this if you go out in the evening, movie, bar , mall etc they really hit you hard on anything "Fun" in Brazil!

-this excludes all the utility bills eg rent, internet, gas , electricity etc

On the flip side you can get a plastic 500ml bottle of pinga at the supermarket for about R$2 and this can help you make it through your day ;)
Just keep one of those under the sink and swig from it at regular intervals, that'll sort you out

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R$80 - Nappies
R$140 - Milk
R$200 - Pediatrics
R$100 - Vitamins & Medicines
R$100 - Water
R$120 - Electricity
R$130 - TV
R$130 - Internet
R$500 - Groceries
R$800 - Childcare
R$1160 - Car
R$250 - Car insurance
R$600 - Petrol
R$2400 - Mortgage
R$265 - Condominium tax

R$7000 - roughly per month

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