Finding a job in Hawaii county.

Hi, everyone.

My name is Andrea and I am an Italian Engineer and PhD Candidate.
I would like to find information and discussions regard to job opportunities in Hawaii. So, I understand it is not easy due to the worldwide crisis but I think that, maybe, for some specific and specialised professionals could be easier find an opportunity.

First of all, I was reading the discussion regard the Job sponsorship (posted by Biaren) and the links for information (posted by Francesca). So, I understand that I need to be "patient". :D

I found different job opportunities for my job position, such as GIS analyst, Land-Use Planner and Engineer. Nevertheless, it is not easy to establish a continue communication with companies or other professionals.

One of my aims is to know (local) people and create a "channel" for exchanging information and opinions in order to put the basis for a (possible) future job opportunity in Hawaii.

Thanks guys!


Hawaii is probably one of the most difficult place in the US to migrate to and find a job for a variety of reasons such as cultural, ethnic and the fact that it's an island. You and I can understand what "insular mentality" means. And it is not the most easy place economically too.
I wouldn't limit myself to Hawaii exclusively.

Thank you for your answer!

Yes I know, I live on an Island, so I think the "insularity" is not a real problem for me! :)

Regard the other issues, I suppose that it is difficult to find a Job for foreign, but I would like to try! :D

Have you ever been there? 

No, I don't limit myself exclusively to Hawaii county but it is the first aim for me. Do you think that could be possible to establish some contacts with local agencies or companies through the web?

I live in California for the past 18 years now. I moved from Corsica.
Some of the best way to find a sponsoring company in the US is to create an optimized resume, a good profile on LinkedIn and to contact the local recruiting agencies/head hunters. You can also apply directly to job openings on large companies website such as Boeing, Google, Ford, Northrop, etc... just to cite a few. If you have a profile and degrees that are of interest to them, they may consider sponsoring a work visa. Most of the sponsored jobs are on the West and East coasts, some in large states such as Texas as well.
Networking is important. A lot of HR and professionals develop their networks through websites such as LinkedIn and other career-oriented websites like Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed, Jobs, etc... will probably be your best place to put a resume but the post above this gives a lot of good information

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