Anyone want to go bowling?

Hi everyone!

I've heard there are some fairly decent bowling alleys around the city, anyone fancy a trip to go check one out?

when are you thinking on going.
I haven't been bowling in ages

I'm hoping maybe some time next week! Weekday evenings work best for me, although I could possibly do a weekend.

What works best for you? :D I've got 2/3 people already interested, so it should be a good mix!

cool! Tuesday or Thursday evening works for me. I have to confirm tomorrow, but that shouldn't be a problem if it is for next week, right? :)

I imagine Thursday would work quite well! I'll see how that works for other people :)

But yep, next week, there's no rush!

Oh, this would be so much fun.. hadli a chance to play last yr but I want more.. I hope I could join you guys one of these days.

I can join you guys next Thursday if there is not bloody flood. However, Im not good at it, dont beat me badly please ;)

So it looks like it will be at 8pm next Thursday at Superbowl in Diamond Plaza - all are welcome! I'll PM you my contact details if you want/need to get in touch :)

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