looking to buy a PT PMA


My partner and I are looking to open a dive resort soon arround Bali. We are going for a PT PMA structure. The recently tightening of law appliance in terms of real sum of investment (10 000 000 000rp) required after a year is above our budget. Therefore we want to buy an existing one in any scope of activity from anywhere in indonesia but with a permanent licence already and will then change everything we need.
Please let us know if interested and will go further privatly.

Best regards,

Sorry for the late reply to your post.  For some reason I overlooked it.

You might want to give John Huxley at Eco Dive in Amed a call.  He would be your best shot, in that if any of the current dive companies are for sale, he’ll know about it.


Thank you so much for the contact I'm gonna follow that track and hope for the best.



Dear Roman,

Do you have any special reason for a PT PMA in starting your business?

Tell me reasons for your choice?

I am asking because I have not spent time researching on the  subject of forming a PT company as yet, but have operated 20 years before 2000 in Indonesia. I ceased during the extended down-turn. I am not in the diving or other sea fun related business.

Hi, I'm Anton (German), living in Indonesia since 1996. My PT PMA founded in 1999 is for sale. 100 % foreign owned, no depts, tax ok.

I'm living in Semarang / central Java

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If you still need a PMA, I might can help you.

Anton Lauter

We have one for me your details.

yes I have a PT for sale,  contact me for info

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