Settling-in in Ghana

I was born in Ghana and went to UK over 40 years ago.  I wish to come and live in Ghana now that I am retired.  Surely I will be new in Ghana as any other Ex-pat.
What has changed over the years? Example Accommodation, Banking, Transport, Driving around Accra, etc. Any help welcome.

My husband returned after 30 years overseas. We have been here over 6 years now and we both enjoy living back in Ghana. Housing isn't cheap but we love our house. It is important though to ensure you have water storage and back up electricity supply to make life comfortable.
We have all mod cons and everything you can get in the UK you can get here but they cost a lot more. In fact there are good restaurants and shops etc but they are expensive so be prepared.
The traffic is awful so you will probably need someone to drive you round so you can get your bearings - that's what my husband did. I drive myself around quite confidently so you will have no problems once you get used to the road system.
Banking is modern. There are several banks and you can bank online. Internet services are expensive as it is difficult to get unlimited packages. Some are more reliable than others.
I think you will find a country which has changed a lot yet is still very much the same, I know I did when I came back after being away for 17 years

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