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I planned to come to Ecuador for 3 months and I'm having troubles find flights that goes from Egypt to Ecuador that I don't need transit visa on the way there as there is no direct flights from Egypt so some countries like USA require transit visa so can you help me finding flight that transit in countries that don't need a transit visa I will really appreciate it .

I found a bunch of flights from Cairo to Quito, most of them running in the $1,200+ range connecting to south America without transiting through the US. Transiting through Miami seems to be about $300 cheaper, but if it requires for you a transit visa the $300 isn't worth the headache.

Picking a random Wednesday Oct 19, 2016, one way, Cairo>Madrid>Quito, $1,291, 38 hrs flight time.

Thanks for your reply I need round ticket also do you think I don't need transit visa in Madrid

I have no idea if you need a transit visa to change planes in Spain. I was guessing not.

Do you expect us to do all of your homework for you? And you did not mention the need for round trip  either.

You gave us little information to work with. Perhaps YOU need to discover the global visa connection requirements for an Egyptian citizen instead of leaving us to figure it out?


Thanks for your reply I'm sorry I didn't mention that I need round trip ticket also I'm doing my research just thanks a lot

I imagine there are travel agents in Cairo.

On some recent flights, I saved money by using a travel agent instead of buying the ticket online.

Perhaps your local agent has the inside scoop on the transit visa and / or other requirements.

cccmedia in Quito


You can travel by Iberria airlines
Cairo Madrid Quito
Or  Cairo Algiers Madrid Quito

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