Bike rental in Quito

Hello everyone,
Does anyone know if it's possible to rent a bicycle in or around Carolina Park?


Towards the north end of Carolina park on Shyris there's a municipality bike stand where you can rent a bike for free. When you see the basketball courts the rental stand is just a bit south.

Simply present your cédula if you're a resident or passport if you're a tourist.

Thanks VSimple, that's very helpful. 

Is that near Quiecentro Mall (or another known landmark)?

I'm still learning my way around.


Yes it's right next to Quicentro. The street is called Shyris so just walk down that street if starting from Quicentro. Have fun.

Below is valuable information that should get you started.

Map of bike stands throughout Quito.

How to register(rent a bike).

You're a gem, thank you Vsimple.


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