why you chose the Philippines to stay!!

why you chose the Philippines to stay!!

First of all, I never wanted to leave the Philippines; I was born and raised there during my first 17 years of life.   Apparently since I was considered a natural born US citizen, my parents sent me to the US before turning 18.
Then when I joined the US Army in California I was transferred to opportunity to visit the Philippines numerous times.   Shortly after, to my surprise, I was transferred to Manila.   I was home!
   Numerous worldwide assignments since (Thailand, Japan (3 times), France, Germany (2 times)' The Netherlands....I was still yearning for home...the Philippines.   
  My cousins returned after completing their respective careers in the US...been there at least 10 years now.  They're still waiting for me.   
  There's still so much of the Philippines I haven't seen yet.... regions beyond Baguio, the Batanes islands, the Bicol region, eastern parts of the Visaya, and Mindanao.   I spent most of my childhood and teen years in Manila....with occasional travels to the western Visayas....and the surrounding regions around Manila.   I want to visit most...if not all of the Philippines before I depart this world.
  Some...if not most, choose the Philippines for economic reasons.  Yes, as they say, "you can live like a king!"  But I don't like to live like a king....just comfortable.   I am comfortable now with my retirement....but beyond the affordable cost of living there, i like the weather (yes, i and oppressive; it varies, of course), the people; particularly the indigenous people,  study the languages/and dialects (I am a linguist by profession), the atmosphere, the fiestas, and beautiful mountains, islands, and as far as I'm  concerned, the most beautiful beaches in the world (and I have been to many around the world) are found in the Philippines.
  I am a realist and a dreamer.  That's why I'm checking it all out...through the expat forum (very helpful), friends and relatives in the well as my own literary research.  Then I am taking at least a month long visit this winter.   I have to return to the US to sell my house....then back to the Philippines, for good.
  Now your turn; why the Philippines?

The question is why not? We have a comfortable life here. Are you asking this question because of what the media has been broadcasting?


That's interesting my friend.

The news can always blow things out of control

Is it not what the news really says or is it

I know, Lucas. That is why I listen to the hearings myself. It actually pisses me off, the fact that whether local or foreign media, the reports are either misleading or irrelevant.

well -before moving here i always told my friends "one day i will be living in the tropics
        -i have intimate nolidge on africa and south america and it is not to my liking.
        -i love the sea ,fishing ,swimming ,sailing ,snorkling and diving, so here we have over 7000 islands and some of the most beautyful beaches in the world,that makes it kinda logical why i love it here he
         -and then the most inportand reason i love Perlie so once we were married i found it to hard on her to ask her to leave her country and her family behind to go to a country were she wood know no one ,were they speak dutch french or german and were she wood be to alone some times.

so,,,,why not  ,  lol.

greets Dirk

That sure is good to know, Dirk. :)

Why we chose to stay:
- cost of living in the Philippines is much lower compared to  America
- we have our own house
- we're already in our mid-40's. We are not keen on starting all over again.
- the kids practically grew up here, even though one of them was born in the US
- my parents, who live nearby, are very supportive
- I have a back problem and a recurring skin condition on my hands which make it difficult to do certain chores (having a housekeeper really helps)
- we feel safer here
- there is a lot of uncertainty in America right now. There are questions on how the next president will act on certain policies / issues.

Hello Again

Do you know if dipolog and sindangan is saver then people express

ckalexci- Do your own research of best places to live. Come back and let us know what you find better than the Philippines for cost of living, ease of travel, climate, crime rate and ease of communicating.
We'll be waiting

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