QHEC workers

Hello, is anyone here working with QHEC?
If yes, how was the whole application procedure? Did you get your Visa from your home country at the Saidi embassy or did you have to travel to Bahrain? What type of Visa were you offered? What packages did they offer you? What advise do you have for someone who is offered a post with the company?
I'm a single female and have been offered a position, I'm a bit wary about it all hence my overwhelming queries.

I appreciate your response

Many Thanks


I accepted their job offer too. I have need to go Bahrain for business visa.
I was told I need to do that whilst the work visa gets sorted

I'm married with a child, so need to bring them over ASAP.

I have job at albaha university.


I was offered the same university but told it will be a multiple entry visa. Will just have to wait and see if they keep to there word.

Yes I have to bring my family member also. With business visa it's more difficult to get an Iqama and leave the country freely.

When do you start your post in Al Baha university ?

I am flying over next Saturday to Bahrain to get the business visa, so I've already accepted the contract.
They said the academic year was meant to start September 18th?

When are you planning to go over?
And What does multiple visa entry mean?

Okay. Same here, I'll be there this week. With the multiple entry you can enter and exit Saudi Arabia for the period in which the Visa is valid. With Business Visa I feel like less freedom is granted for the employee which is sad, but that's what we sign up for I guess.

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