New in Sheffield.

Hi Everyone! Please let me know if there are expat meet ups in the Sheffield area, as I would love to meet new people! Kind regards, Wiyana.

Most of England's big cities have such a wide cultural mix, there is little need for meets as such because you meet people from your home country by the hundreds.
Much as I know Sheffield very well, I don't know the Zimbabwean community there, but I know there are loads of you guys around.
One note; many are less than happy with the political situation in your home country, so non violent political activism is common.

You'll find Sheffield council keep lists and contact details of pretty much every community group in the area, so mates should be easy to find.

Enjoy the city, but try to wander into the Pennines when you get the chance.

Hi Fred

Thanks so much for your reply and advice! I'm looking forward to meeting broad minded people who love to share travel stories as do I. Have a super weekend!

Hi Wiyana,

If you have not met anybody yet, you can try meetup or citysocializer are websites where people organize events, both active in Sheffield.


Hi David

Thanks so much for the information given!

Kind regards,

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