Want to rent a house in Clark area

We are planning to move Clark freezone as our kids want join the international school over there. Is there anyone can provide suggestions on how we can rent a townhouse (2brs is ok) and how we can get a car. Thanks,


Not knowing what you have tried to do to find a place, I will state the obvious and ask if you have simply tried on line through sites like OLX? , or the housing section on … nes/davao/

Try just typing ....... rent house clark freezone  .....  in your browser and you will find quite a few sites with rentals.

Purchasing a car is another issue. Do you have a Philippines drivers license?  Are you going to hire a driver?

If you are purchasing a vehicle from a private owner you do not know personally, it can be a roll of the dice when it comes to registration, clear title and maintenance.  Physically shopping dealers to find the right used vehicle can also be a problem if you have no mechanical experience. A test drive to a pre arranged mechanic to have the vehicle checked for problems would be prudent. If the vehicle has been well maintained from a responsible owner, maintenance records should be available.

To check the vehicles plate with the LTO for registration issues, you can simply text LTO with an sms message. See link below. … rehension/

When renting a home take pictures of the home prior to moving in and a picture of the person with you in the home who showed the property to provide proof of the condition of the property and with whom you met. Before signing a lease, read it thoroughly and make sure you know what maintenance is included in the lease if any and under what conditions your security deposit will be returned.

Regards and I hope you have found some help here.


Contact my workmate and friend who has lived over twenty years near Clark. He had children that went to the International school. He may have a section of his house to rent out or know someone. His name is Alistair Milne
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