About Ecuadorians and the country of the mega diversity

¨They sleep peacefully surrounded by roaring volcanoes, They Live Among poor unparalleled riches and They Become happy listening to sad music¨ Alexander von Humboldt note, while in Ecuador (then Audience of Quito) from June 1802 to January 1803.

In one day traveling by land, could dawn in amazing tropical Amazon rainforest, see the noon fantastic cloud forests and the imposing snowy peaks of the Andes and arrive at sunset in lush Pacific coast beach; that is Ecuador, a small country of 109,500 square miles (less than 3% USA), with a truly impressive biodiversity.

In This beautiful country about 16 million Ecuadorians live. Their great majority of them are quiet and friendly people, with a huge variety of customs and traditions. In each region, from north to south (in the inter Andean valley) and from east to west (in the Amazon and the coast) Their People as diverded and intersting, as the country of Ecuadoris Itself. Certainly Ecuador is a multiethnic and multicultural country.

And what is your opinion about Ecuador and the Ecuadorians?

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