Looking for experiences with relocation

Hi I'm Kathleen and my husband Colin and I are looking to move to Mexico in a few years.  Our three daughters are in college. We live in Connecticut and really can't afford to stay here any longer.
Main criteria is access to good medical care as my husband is a colon cancer survivor.
Living in walking distance to town is really important as well.
We will have $3000 per month for living expenses - we have more than that in pensions and social security but are buried in debt from loans and medical expenses that we need to pay off. We can barely make a dent here as our property taxes and mortgage is almost $3K.
Maintenance free and maybe two apartments side by side or in same complex(or a casita setup) would be ideal as my elderly mom would also not be left behind. She has her own pension and SS.

Any advice on reputable attorneys and real estate agents and personal experiences to start with are greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

I forgot to mention my husband grew up in Paraguay and speaks Spanish and my reading comprehension is fair but I need to get better with conversation.

Hello and welcome on board Kathleen :cheers:

While waiting for members to tip in, I invite you to check out articles in our Living in Mexico Expat guide to gather some helpful informations.

You could also browse through recommended professionals in our Mexico Business Directory to find contacts of attorneys etc.


My best advise....sell, car, furniture...move nothing but clothing packed on the top of your off your debts with the proceeds....and begin by renting in Mexico.....take some time to research different areas and try a few of furnished apartments until you decide where you want to live permanently. I find that renting is often cheaper then owning. Moving furniture is cost prohibitive.....

Thank you! I'm not attached to any of my stuff  but wondering about bringing a car.  Have to research all of the ins and outs of driving down there

An American plated car is a problem once you apply for permanent residence status (they become illegal).. You cannot sell them in Mexico and must go back to the U.S. to sell them...some older American cars can be naturalized for a costly fee and others cannot...(for manufactured in Japan cannot). The most logical choice is buying a car in Mexico (one manufactured in Mexico that possesses Mexican plates.)

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