Where do expat 'tropics junkies' long to visit?

Although my husband and I can hardly wait to finally spend some serious time in DR...and eventually retire there...we wonder where will we long to travel to if we are surrounded by tropical island beauty?  We've always wanted to visit Bora Bora/ Fiji /Maldives/etc...beautiful tropical island paradises that are too far away from family for anything but a visit...but, will it be worth the price tag, if we already live on a tropical island?

Where do DR expats like to travel to when they travel?

In my opinion for a couple that will be visiting bora bora for our 20th anniversary in 4 years I am moving my family to Dominican Republic just to visit or be able to afford to visit other places. So if you look at it the way I see it the DR will allow us to travel DR is just home that happen to be paradise. That is just my opinion and I am not even in the DR yet.

Yes, it will be worth it.

Living on a terrific Caribbean island we usually travel elsewhere.  We usually go some where in Europe but this year actually going to China ( in a couple of weeks)


I will admit that prior to buying and moving here we did visit Fiji and Tahiti (including Bora-Bora) looking at alternatives to retire to.

Decided here (DR) was best for us

Bob K

I visit other areas of this island!!!

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