What are the likelihood of me getting a Visa? I'm from South Africa

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I'm just a wanderlust who loves travelling, meeting new people and enjoying different cultures. I'm planning a trip to Senegal, Dakar for a solo holiday and now that I saw this forum, I hear Praia calling my name for a visit. I understand a Visa is issued on arrival but have also heard of people being sent back after having paid for hotel reservations etc. I just want to visit for about 5 days ( joys of employment and limited work leave days), get a feel of the place and possibly visit again in the future for a much longer visit. What are the likelihood of me getting a Visa? I'm from South Africa if that makes a difference? Thank you kindly for the responses.

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A lead here : Travel Info

Visa requirements for South Africans

South African passport holders require entry visas for Cape Verde. (issued on arrival) … verde.html

Try to contact them.

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I had seen that already. Thanks for the help.

Hi! Have you being to Praia? If yes, how did you like it?


I did have a bit of a challenge at customs when i arrived even though I had my itinerary etc. Praia was awesome, even though I didn't spend a long time there. It's very chilled and laid back. My kinda town. I would definitely go back to visit.

Great to hear that!

I love the Island Sal, Santa Maria, very laid back and lovely people, I being there many times and want to live there someday soon. I am interesting visiting most of the Island as well, would love to be in Praia.
Keep in touch maybe we can be there at the same time :)

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