Garra rufa doctor fish

Assalamu alaykom wa rahmatAllah ,
I have farm of garra rufa doctor fish in turkey and ı want to do this in Saudia
So ı want to know is it possible or not
Please share your idea

Hi Garrarufa,

Please avoid duplicate thread on the forum. You already have the same here :

why do you think it would not be possible?

Hi Cheistine, just ı want to know how can be there ..,  ı think there is some lov need to find parnetship from Saudia for became there

here is an article on "Setting up a business in Saudi Arabia" : … rabia.html

Thank you

Therapeutic and medical centers in Saudi Arabia dont use this type of treatment because of the cost, but not forbidden. there is a ministries and departments who authorized this type of treatment and determine the controls, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Health and also some relevant sections in some ministries. The project is good as an idea but Implementation will cost alot ( the place , permissions, the weather, the water etc..) plus it cost alot for this kind of therapy sessions.
hope thats answer your question. takecare.

Hi a5i ,
Thank you for good answer
If you know someone can be parthneship let me know please , because if not forbidden Will be very good business..,
my idea that ; we Will have alternativ therapy units for only leg or leg and hands
And for all body ,
There can you can see some models .
Than we can sale this to Spa welness , beauty salon , hotels , alternativ health center . Than Will sale fish everytime .

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