buying furniture for my house

Where can I go to find out about buying furniture for my house?  I can't seem to find places that sell furniture. Thank you

Greggy61 :

Where can I go to find out about buying furniture for my house?  I can't seem to find places that sell furniture. Thank you

Some Quito places and areas for furniture:

Sukasa at Jardin mall has some good pricey stuff. There’s also nice furniture on Shyris, start on Naciones Unidas and walk north of Best Western hotel, there are shops there. If you want locally made solid wood but limited furniture try San Roque market. Go with an Ecuadorean friend if you're new, it can be quite intimidating for newcomers. It’s good for desks, tables, bunk beds and the sort, quality not good for everything else. I bought solid wood desks for kids and a bunk bed that costed about $125, solid as rock, and the same type costs about $300-400 in shops. Pick-up truck charges $20 to Carolina area, the hauler charges $5 for back breaking labor, ride with your furniture. The same type of furniture can also be bought at Avenida America, cruise it with a car/taxi and you’ll see furniture shops.

HI Greggy:

A lot depends on where you are, what you are looking for and ...surprisingly, how big and tall you are.

Here on the coast a lot of wood and wood based firniture is made in Atahualpa which in the Province of Santa Elena.  You can even bring a photo and the artesans will build what you want in some fot eh hard woods found here, which are our local teaks, and are quite resistant to termites (of great importance)

Mass marketed furniture in modern designs are availble from many manufacturers in the larger cities with stores in Libertad here on the coast and out to Guayaquil, Manta, and Playas.  These are areas about 2 hours from the smaller towns ...depending on which town and which city.

As I mentioned if you are big, north American person, the classic Euro build of about 6 feet tall and about 200+ pounds and larger than a size 11 shoe, you may find the furniture rather small.  Most Ecuadoreans are of small stature and the furniture built for them.  You will need to look for the manufacturers that sell furniture euro sized and or find a place that makes your furniture.

FInally, areas in Ecuador are also known for their leather, which includes leather furniture, something to consider up in the mounhtains.  You want to avoid leather on the coast and in the Oriente (Amazon) though as the ocean mist of the former and the humidity of the latter will wreck havoc on your leather and it will mold without constant and vigilant care.  Consider that too if bringing leather accessories or even clothes.


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