Buying Health insurance in Costa Rica. Your opinion?

I am interested in purchasing some health insurance in Costa Rica. Interested in knowing different people's opinion with the company that they have purchased their insurance.

I recently spoke with ARCR staff and they explained that they are going to be offering a group rate, health insurance policy, covering some of the more popular private hospitals in the Central Valley, within a few weeks.

An acquaintance recently purchased insurance direct from  El  Hospital Metropolitano  for 50,000 colónes a month.
I have no personal experience with this hospital.

Thanks for the reply.

I have the Caja as my health provider. It woks fine but not near the private sector service or promptness, but I can live with it and the monthly payment covering 4. Last week I took an insurance for myself against  sickness or accidents, for $20. It covers 75.000 colones per day, for a year if sick, !50.000 colones for 6 months if accidents. Banco de Costa Rica is offering it to its clients. So you know.

Does the bank insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Do not remember. All done by phone . Will not hurt to ask.

Thanks for this topic and replies.
I probably can't afford it now but am interested for the future, in an affordable insurance here to supplement CAJA which I used to hear, is "great" but not so much any more.

I haven't had to use CAJA yet, fortunately but I know if I do have to have a surgery I probably won't want to wait as long as CAJA would have me wait, nor am I sure I trust their doctors. I hear the private hospitals are by and large great: Cima, Biblia and others. So would like to get insurance through them.

Mauron do you have a link to that BCR plan? I'll look online in the meantime. Don't have a bank acct here but could get it if it helps get good insurance. $20 per month?

Does your insurance agent speak English? Care to share # if so?

p.s. Is there any English language explanation anywhere of what CAJA covers and what it doesn't? I do speak Spanish but especially when it comes to legalese and contracts etc I prefer to read and speak English.

If you will stay for longer a Costa Rica health insurance like Panamerican Life is good. The advantage is that you can go to the doctors and hospitals and don't need to pay. All payments are settled between the doctors and the insurance.  In case you stay for a short time an international insurance can be very useful. Advantage, is that if you go to another country you can maintain the coverage.

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Thanks! Will look into Panamerican Life. Doubt if we can afford it at this time (based on quotes I've gotten from other insurance here in the past) but I'll bookmark it for later when we hopefully can afford it.

Ok, perfect. you can contact me any time.

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