University survey for expats in China comming from Austria

Hello everyone!
I am currently studing at the university of applied sciences BFI Wien. This semester I am writing my first bachelor thesis on a topic related to expatriates in China. I would like to ask all of you who would like to help me do my research answer several question. The questions are only relevant for those people that are coming from Austria and are send to China by their manager or so, to work there! Thank you very much in advance. This is a method that I would like to use in my bachelor thesis, interviews and survey questions from people that are already experiencing this transfer from Austria to China. The questions are now still broad and not so much, but on the go, I may post another if you are willing to answer to them as well.

The questions:

1.    Were you send by a company to work for international office or subsidiary or so?
2.    Did you have some preliminary training from your sending firm? If yes, what type of?
3.    For how long have you been in China?
4.    What were your first experiences in China? (With people at work) (everything that comes to your mind. Every story might be of help)
5.    How was your initial communication with your colleagues conducted? (via translator, English is the firm language, or sth else)
6.    What was the biggest differences you first notice- cultural and business making/working?
7.    Are you already in a stage that you become familiar with everything new and nothing stresses you out anymore?

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