Moving to Xiamen- recommendations for meeting expats

Hello, I am moving to Xiamen very soon. I have never lived abroad before so I am feeling very nervous. I wanted some general advice about how others found moving to Xiamen.

Also I am specifically interested for advice getting around Xiamen and also finding a gym. I don't speak Chinese but have invested in some phrasebooks and dictionaries. I know that there is supposed to be a subway opening soon, and there are good bus routes but these do not have English translation (unlike Japan where I studied for a month). How easy is it to use the bus without knowing Chinese?

I am also going to be working in a small school with few staff, so i am worried about making friends. I hope to talk to locals but I read that few speak English and my Mandarin will be very basic especially in the first weeks when I fear homesickness may strike. Does anyone have any recommendations for meeting other expats?

Any advice or info anyone could give will be greatly appreciated :) I am feeling very nervous and excited at the same time! But I don't want nerves / fears to take over before I even set foot in China.

When I first came to Xiamen I moved around by writing down my destination and then asking people at the bus station how to get there. Everybody was very helpful. There are some apps that make live easier, but as far as I know they are all in Chinese.
It will take another 1-2 years until the Subway starts to operate, but that's not a big issue. Xiamen is relatively small and you can get everywhere by bus.
There are some bars near Hubin bei Lu where many foreigners are hanging out.
Don't be nervous, Xiamen is a nice city with friendly people. You will always find somebody who is willing to help you. Just send me a PM if you want to get in touch, I'm already living here in Xiamen for several years.

I'm moving to Xiamen for work very soon as well. Even my native language is Mandarin (I'm from Taiwan), I'm still nervous.  I'd love to meet new people here. Please PM me if you wanna hang out in Xiamen sometime.

You can use the Translate app on your phone and type the destination you wanna go, translate it to Chinese and show it to Chinese, they can show you how to go.  The bus is convenient and take you to most places, especially once you know your routine, it should not be that difficult.  I talked to some expats who do not know Chinese living in Xiamen. They survived and made friends soon enough. So do not worry !

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