I'm looking for friends in Xiamen

Hello everyone,

I just arrived in Xiamen one week ago.I want to make  friends who live in Xiamen.
I would like to meet English speakers, and If you also speak Chinese or Japanese,that's great!
Would be nice to meet someone close to my age, Around 30

Like to go sightseeing, go for drinks, shop.. anything really

Hello.where do you live in Xiamen?


I am moving to Xiamen this July 2015 and before that i will be in Xiamen on 29th March to 1st April.

Lets catch-up. I will me mostly staying in Kempinski Hotel during this trip.


Hello Aiko Uchiyama,

I would suggest you to browse the different topics available on the forum like Leisure and things to do in Xiamen and Networking Xiamen to get more information about what you are looking for.

Thank you

Hello Aiko,

I am also moving to Xiamen soon (April). I would like to meet some new friends too. Feel free to contact me to meet up.

hi swathi,

i live in Zhuhai,Guangdong.

It seems to be far from Xiamen!What do you do there?

i have two companies here. what do u do?

I come to xiamen for 2 weeks at a time every other month.  I stay at the Sheraton and am looking for English speaking people to hang out with.  Basically have friends that can relate to me and I can relate to them.

Hello guys!

Im going to study a chinese course at Xiamen University in September 2015. I have been told that international students must go to the Xiang'an district and that the campus is really far away from everything (like 1.5 h by bus). Anyway I am really looking forward to this experience!
How is it living in Xiamen by the way? :)

i m a foreigner student who the next year i will go at xianmen university and i can helpe you everythings that you want about that university because i m here in china for a long time .

have a blessed day

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I am a 33 yr old woman in Xiamen for one week planning to stay for 8 months. My name is Pauline. I am interested in sightseeing too.**** if you would like to meet.


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hey i am near Xiamen,may be we can have a meet-up party:)

Hi! Coming to Xiamen on a business trip for 3-4 days. Will Be Staying at Xiamen Filport Software Park Hotel. I would appreciate if I could make any English speaking friends here to hang out with.

check the website for expats in Xiamen: What's on Xiamen, ++++

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Hello Maggie! I am near Wanda Plaza. Can you suggest fun activities to do during weekends? I will be staying for 6 months.

you gotta know ,. Local and a good English speaker.


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I know this is an old post but I am moving to Xiamen at the end of 2016. I am also looking to make friends. Does anyone have any suggestions. I can't speak Mandarin yet so i am looking to meet English speakers.

How are you?

My name is Sahil from India.

Just arrived Xiamen,

Feeling disturbed and lonely,seriously searching for a friend who can speak English.



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My name is sahil.I am from India.

Just a arrived Xiamen .

Seriously looking for friends.


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Hi sahil005,

To whom are you referring?



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