Studying a master programme

Hello, Iam currently living in Rabat, and Iam looking for an oppurtinity to come and study in USA for a master programme in biology, I would like to know if there s a way to be admitted in a university without pays fees, if not what is the minimum tuiton fees for that.

It all depends on the school you want to attend what the costs will be. Rarely is there a grad student who gets a full ride scholarship who is from the US let alone a foreign student.

To get an idea of the costs I would google Grad School + biology and see what schools come up. Then go to those schools websites which will contain tuition costs.

Do not forget when you are trying to figure the cost to add in room, board, food, transporation (at least) to your tuition costs. Often you will be looking at $20,000 or easily more a year

contact the US embassy and ask about scholarships in the US.  expect a complete back ground check being from a moslem country.

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