SAIGON'S RUGBY 10's 17 Sept in RMIT, District 7

Dear all,
Anyone wants to have a Fun & Sports day out at RMIT District 7 on 17th Sept? Please come and support our Saigon Rugby Team together with other 15 teams from all over the world. This happy day is not only for single people but also for Families with Kids cause there are kid's zones and plenty of activities for kids out there.
The event will be hosted by The Alfrescosgroup in Vietnam. Last year, they successfully hosted this event with 10 teams. This year there are 15 teams. Next years there will be definitely more. 
Free entry. Food and Drinks can be purchased at their food counter. See you all.
P.S: They also have V.I.P Ticket for free flow drinks and Food.

Please view the flyer of the Event here:

'Free flow' drinks ... now we are talking ... !!

Hi Buddy,
I forgot to mention that the VIP – free flow drinks and Food is for the Caravelle Tent, served by Caravell Staff. On few tickets left. So will we see you there buddy ^_^?

i am a newbie just trying to find a part time job here. ahhh I was there last year but what a pity I moved to Hanoi already. It was fun, and attending their party in the evening was even more fun. Here we don't often have FUN BIG DAY OUT like that. Still remember how much fun our nephew and nieces had with their face painting. Do you know if this year they still have kid play center?

Hi Skyler,
So you were there last year? We may passed by each other 
This year they have more activities for kids and bigger play area; kids will have rugby training zone, teaching them how to play. Face painting, clowns, kid games and competitions with prizes, food & ice cream area etc.
You are right, we don’t often have Big Day Out like that in Saigon as well. Then it will be a fabulous day for all. The more the merrier, can’t wait!!!

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