Single mother looking to move to Canada

Hi ! I'm a 25 year old single mother to a 2 ur old son . I'm currently working as a hair stylist the past 5 years and hoping to continue that career in Canada. Canada is a place I've always had an intrest in living in befor I had my son ! Now I'm in a position financially to make the move with son but I hav a few concerns ! How expensive daycare or child minders are ? Areas to live ? Is hairdressing as big a career in Canada as it is in Ireland ? It something I feel I need to do at this stage in life and for my son to hav the chance of a better life , any advice be appreciated

Daycares are expensive on a whole with exception to 3 provinces. The usual suspects, Ontario (Toronto) and British Columbia (Vancouver) are expensive and hard to come by - meaning even if you can afford it, the wait list are long.  Now, the cheapest is the province of Quebec where its heavily subsidized by the provincial government (which is why personal income tax there is one of the highest and city like Montreal don't have enough money to patch up their potholes). Plus side, you kid can go to university down the road where fees are phenomenally cheaper than the rest of the country. The other provinces which are cheaper too but not as cheap as Quebec are Manitoba (Winnipeg - bitter ass cold there) and Saskatchewan (if I am not mistaken).  Now I don't know too much about getting a one-to-one child minder. I know they don't come cheap as I have a doctor friend who obviously could afford it because, well they do earn a doctor's pay but it ain't cheap. I for one will have to settle with daycare and that itself is a killing.

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