Being traveling in Vietnam for 5 days

Hello just wanna ask if it's possible to me to travel in Vietnam for 5 days just to see the country .
I have some couple of people I know but I don't want to disturb them but I already tell them that I will go there for few days

Hello Nina Abalajon! :cheers:

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Where are you moving from to go to Vietnam please? As per your profile you are from Philippines!?

Citizens of Philippines can visit Vietnam Visa free for a maximum of 21 days.

So...Yeah you can travel to Vietnam for 5 days ;)


I am going to Hanoi :-) and it my first time to go there I fly from Kuala Lumpur and also meet some of my friend that I meet here is in Philippines

Hi Nina!
If you are citizen of Asean countries, you can stay in Hanoi, Vietnam in maximun 21 days.
So, feel relax, and enjoy Hanoi in 05 days!!! Welcome!

Hi thank you very much but I think I change flight to ho chi Mihn coz its more Cheep the flight from Kuala Lumpur and it's easy  acces to Cambodia for the bus :-)
Thank you again

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