Denial of ESB SR.90,000 in STC.Can I appoint Attorney fr india

Dear Sirs,
    Good morning / Assalamu Alaikkum. Even top 5 MNC companies like STC saudi telecom dont obey & follow Saudi Law instead STC has their own law. Happy to know that you have expats feelings in foreign soil. Kudos to you &  all of your team.
     Legally I resigned my job with proper notice period to STC HR and my manager Mr. Nezar Fawaz Qutub and concerned all managers from 9th march 2014 for 30 days, but my resignation was rejected and asked to intimate minimum of 12 months "which is absolutely ILLEGAL by saudi law but legal by their own law". Kindly refer 3 attachments.Second time I insist my resignation but also rejected. Third time I insist with his meeting also rejected and unnecessarily threatened me "Will you get your 15 years esb from stc ". Due to threatening manner and 20 years knowledge in saudi news papers I kept quiet and came in may 23 after "80 days of resignation". Due to my mothers critical health , fourth time I resigned from chennai and could not go back to saudi.
    But till now, I was denied to get my long 15 years service award from "7th march 2000".

My dues with STC for 14 1/2 years
> ESB as follows with
> basic  : sr 4733
> housing: sr 1183
> transport : sr 473
> total     : sr 6389 last drawn salary
> for first 5 years :6389 ×2.5 =15972
> Next 9.5 years    :6389 ×9.5 =60695
> pending vacation 14 days     = 2981
>   Total dues           
>      =79648
> also 2 pending air ticket reimbursement from jeddah
> chennai.
> Contacts in ksa :
> adbader[at]

> 966 11 4432278
> 966 504161585
> ahomyyed[at]
> 966 12 6386806
> 966 5000 39540
> 966 12 6386768

00966 504580034
00966 2 6496262

>    I was not allowed to go for NOC and exit but only exit re entry. I could not join any company till now due to lack of experience certificate. Kindly intervene this dispute and do justice for my sincere 15 years sincere, bonus-less , increment-less , salary-less service with stc
alone and a total of 25 years service as whole.  Due to greediness,

Stc HR forget to answer on "YOUM AL QIYAMAT, THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT" if they believe in ISLAM . Can I appoint saudi attorney
From india & I will pay the expenses for my case. Even Indian embassy's multiple request to settle my ESB to STC HR became futile. If they dont follow any law & requests
Who will force to do their minimum least rights to expats in KSA.Is there any watch dog to monitor.

Very sorry for the inconvenience caused by me.
Zajaak allah hair

Thanks and best regards
Jainulabdeeen Abuthaheer
STC ID 662026
Iqama 2141731220

Dear Sir, feeling Sad to read your story. Well, where are you now presently. You can send a letter to Indian Embassy, Foreign Ministry of India. And important is send email to OIFC (overseas indian facilitation centre). And wait and watch. If you are correct then you have to fight for a long time. But we all believes that ALLAH HU MAA SABERIN.

Best of luck and say BISMILLAH and start procedure. (if you are correct).



Please contact at

24x7 Toll Free Helpline Number :1800 11 3090 (Accessible from India only)

Chargeable Number :+91 124 234 1002 (Standard long distance call charges apply)


maybe they will help you.


There is a lot of one-sidedness here, in this story of yours, what were the conditions under which you resigned, when was this, where you hired locally or on stc visa, did you resign during the contract period or not, did you leave on exit or exit reentry, were you employed directly by STC. The facts and details need to be known clearly before a solution can be presented, and as far as I know STC is not an organization that has refused settlement.

Thanx for your immediate reply. Yes you are right. Stc once under old HR gave settlement . But under new management ,Stopped bonus increment promotion overtime since 2008  for all expats only and also not allowed to quit. That means one expat has to work with old salary for many years eventhough the cost of living goes high, without quit the job like slavery attitude.
    I resigned in march 2014 after served about 14 y 5 m ie from march 2000  till aug 2014.I was locally hired along with STC project called paging (pager ) project.As per law after 10 years of service, I am entitled to get all benefits without 1/3 or 2/3 formula.
Due to personnal reason I resigned after 14  years of service but my manager rejected and asked to intimate 1 year before which is illegal.I worked  additional 75 days from my resign date march 9 to may 22 and came vacation till 30 August 2014. Fourth time I resign in Aug from chennai India after complete my accumulated vacation days.
    . Indian embassy took pity on me and requested STC HR to settle my ESB but they refused even embassy request and asked to file a case in labour court which is not practical in KSA.
Kindly give your valuable suggestion and clarify me.Can I appoint attorney from india.
Abu Taher

You cannot apply an attorney from India for a case which happened in 2014 and also based on your resignation.

Were you directly under STC , under their sponsorship when this happened or were you with a contractor. STC does not stop salary increments, this is based on performance and if your performance is above good then they give salary increment as well as a min of 4 salaries as bonus.

Your case will not hold in court of law due to the following conclusions drawn from your message:

You mentioned you worked for 14 yrs, and then resigned on Aug 2014 , while you joined in Mar 2000, meaning you automatically renewed your contract for the last year of 2014 from Mar 2014 to Mar 2015 and then resigned or ended your contract before the expiry of the contract, the first issue.

Then your resignation was not accepted, and as per law you had either to complete the contract period , or pay penalty for the remaining period and then took release - which you did not, rather you went for leave on ERE.

Then you resigned while in India, breaking the contractual agreement you have with your employer.

I am not sure how you expect to get paid for your end of service benefit while you did not even properly resign your job in KSA and claimed your benefits. Any embassy or lawyer cannot assist in your case since you broke the contractual agreement as far as I understood from your message according to what you did.

Thanx HRGURU for kind reply.I went through PROPER NOTICE PERIOD OF 30 DAYS as per law. For your kind information, you don't take into account
1. Their Adamant behaviour of rejection of my resignation notify 30 days.
  2.Asked to notify 12 months before which is illegal.
   3. Upon insist 2nd & 3rd time " threatening manner .will u get your esb  " and got success in his challenge.
   4. Regarding expats matter, one manager's decision is okeyed by whole company team but unlike citizen & westerners matter.
   5. Do they got " ample power " to destroy even expats least rights
    For long served internal customer ie employee.

As a lonely expat in foreign soil, we have limitations & fears to fight against giant like STC. Drag them to court is not a easy job and year long fruitless process without salary and iqama renewal.
   Kindly ask the few among thousand victims in labour court they will tell " how horrible the year long exp without salary and the possibility of dragging their employers to court is zero    " In such cases I have given money to them.Most victims want to withdraw the case also not possible, once filed.
    So companies HR should have MORALITY and obey the law. In my case he dont accept 30 days and needed 1 year notice and threatening manner which are never noticed and took account
The next possible option is either continue 1 year or drag to court which are not possible.
      In our country, India, nobody will play with service benefits eventhough the emp committed serious crime. Since ESB is " AMAANA --  THE SECURITY   " belonged to employee money in company custody.But in KSA , the concept differs.
   Do you suggest me any other possible action to get ESB in foreign soil. They dont even comply with embassy request.
Abu Taher.

A lot of us expats honestly believe that most times our rights are violated by employers and its true in most cases in KSA as well. However, I only point out some basic rules which are applied in any part of the world. For eg:

- A contractual agreement which is legally binding between two people to work and get paid for a certain period of time. If all employees think like - they can just give 30 days notice period and then stop working - is this fair and practical ? Employer has every right to accept or reject the resignation. Its the duty of an employee to give proper reasons and due time for resignation. Your line manager was wrong in not accepting your resignation, but were you following company policy after the resignation was not accepted ??

Asking for 12 months notice is certainly illegal and not allowed under law. I am not justifying what they did is right, but very often a lot of us expats here do things and jump into actions that are not in line with law. We look at things from only our point of view and does things emotionally that should benefit us. A lot of us including myself talks about Haqq, Amana etc etc only from our point of view.  We forget that we were taken in a foreign country and paid to do a job and that the payment was given every month without failure. I am also an employee and while I am not at peace with so many things, Alhamdulillah, there is peace with so many other that matters.

In all honesty I gave now to you , what you can do and what you cannot. You cannot claim now anything since you exit was not proper.

After checking your legal status using your Iqama , it shows you're absent from work .

I totally agree with HRGuru. We think about matters our way which is not always the rightly justified thing.
@Gunner757 shows us how the employer felt about it. He has put you on 'Haroob'.

The entire matter could have been negotiated better. You have copied the mail that has numbers, you resigned, the resignation was not accepted. So far so good.

What made your employer so furious that he asked for a 12 months notice? He definitely knew that he was demanding something obviously against the labor law. That was the right time to negotiate with him. Must not have left the country on ERE without properly settling it down.

I would like to add something here. while it is a fact that some services may end in bitter mood but employees have full right to get their ESB.
While TLL and Guru are totally correct, you made a huge mistake of not coming back after leaving on exit re-entry where you should have left on Final Exit. I am sure you didn't even bother to send fresh resignation from India or at least informing them of you not returning back. Leaving on Final Exit had made your employer pay your ESB. This is verified by authorities at the airport through copy of clearance letter.
Having said that, it is still the matter of rights of long term service. There was a reason your employer kept you for more than 10 years.
Perhaps, your decision of leaving have caused them financial damages and your employer could deduct them from ESB and pay you the remaining balance (if any). I suggest you contact them directly to understand their side of story and negotiate and negotiate and negotiate until you reach a solution.
I think your embassy or welfare service shall help in your case, But I strongly suggest you to explain the case of both sides. As only you have a good understanding of your position in this case.

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