The Olympic Games lived from Greece

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The Olympic Games are about to end. This summer, an amazing festive atmosphere overtook Rio and the country. As always, the United States end up the competition with the highest rank. Many wonderful surprises punctuated those games. Fidji, Porto Rico and Jordan won their first medal, ever.

How were the Olympic Games followed in Greece? Have you seen excitement about this world major event? How did the local media cover it?

Are Greeks proud of their athletes’ performance and the amount of medals they brought home?

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Well,"Olympic Games" might be a bit of a dirty word for the Greek people as it was their hosting of the Games in the fairly near past which has burden them with humungus debt,thats not all the origins of their debt of course but sure is an on-going bill to various world banks etc..Few of the people here actually went to the Games back then as there was no reduction for the natives.The stadiums cost the tax payers here millions just for the on-going security companies which guard them every day and night,millions has just been paid to repair a huge metal structure on one of them,and this is a country on its knees despite Mr chipras"s claims of..we are on the up and up..The IMF director believes that the Olympics should come home to Greece on a permanent basis,just repairing whats here already needs millions spent,one might question the IMFs involvement in such matters.Perhaps she thinks crimes against athletes might be less than Brazil.Obviously Greeks who have performed in the Olympics and especially those returning with medals will receive a joyous welcome in their villages and towns as Greek people are needful in these crisis times of welcome relief from eight years of misery.

Thank you Concertina. Interesting point of view.

I think after all the debts and the resulting instability, people have other worries than the Olympic Games. Of course they're happy for their compatriots who won medals but this is just temporarily and doesn't help to solve the crisis.

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