Anybody has recommendations ?

Hello everyone,
My name is Hariv. I'm a new member of the expat community. I currently live in California but planning to move to Italy around April, May next year.
I have purchased a condominium in Predore by the Lake Iseo.
I'm in process of looking for a job in Italy and wanted to know if anybody has recommendations.
I'm looking for forward to move. I was born in Lithuania and just like the European life style.
Have a nice day :)

Hi Hariv,

Welcome on board  :)

I have created this new thread on the Italy forum so that you may get some feedbacks easily.

what kind of job are you looking for ?

You will find some tips, hints and links to specialised jobs sites in the Work in Italy section of the Expat Guide. Make sure to read it.

All the very best,

Hello Bhavna,
Thank you for the note. I'll definitely will take a look at site that you have mentioned.
I'm looking for a job mainly in engineering field and it could be applied into different industries like aerospace, mechanical, manufacturing, IT, medical.
As I mentioned I have 25 years of experience in Configuration Management field.
Thank you again.

I'm planning to move to Italy next May and looking for a job.
Does anybody knows good headhunters that would help me in this effort.

Thank you, :)

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