Chinese Friends and Money Help

1) If you suddenly in a emergency in china any Chinese friend will not help you, If you ask  them borrow some money they  will say "you can ask to your foreigner friend"  this is common everyone same, we believe in this world all people not same, but in money matter as I understand all Chinese friends are same.
2) If you don't have money as a joking you don't say to any Chinese friend that " I don't have one yuan"
If you say you don't have one yuan then they will say to many people will discuss " no have one yuan then how he can eat. what he do, so in China if people no have money consider he may do any crime, this is very common , so remember this never say don't have one yuan. ( foreigner normally say to friends in any money shortage that I don't have 1 fills,  i don't have 1 dollar is normal but Chinese thinking different)
3) Chinese Police always suggesting foreigners " for your safety we should like to suggest you to live in star hotels of modern communities with advanced security equipments,  why police suggesting this have many reasons ,1, if you live in a country side unfortunately your country have some bad relation disputes with china ( for example south china sea with Philippines)  then the local people will consider you as a enemy and what do can't explain can't predict , due to security reason police also in china not allow foreigners live some areas where they can't reach very fast. 2, if you rent home in country side or some place  and you delay your monthly rent , you delay 3 days you ask  another days according to your payment arrival expectation from abroad ,some landlord will not allow you, also they will speak entire residents of the building that a foreigner not pay rent even in market also , this not a isolated incidents but happened many places with many foreigners , if your landlord is little educated or belongs to modern community also can understand otherwise you don;t go for a argument fast go find any foreigner friend ask some help pay rent and escape can keep your dignity.

China have good people for business relation  and  always money is subject and 90% Chinese are not aware about humanity/charity even moral obligation, if somebody suffering from the street for a medical aid nobody help. If you always keep money with  you can get good friends , if they understand you have always money no problem , means money is God in China , so Foreigner friend if any emergency don't expect any help from a Chinese friend its 0nly 1% chance, always keep touch with your family and friends and your country Embassy consulate  that can help you in emergency while you live in china.
If you have a good girlfriend may be she may help you .

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